Army of Two
Army of Two

The highly anticipated release of Army of Two brings cooperative gaming to the edge. Threewave pioneered the 2 vs. 2 multiplayer for this new IP from EA. To do this, we developed a new, exciting game mode and multiplayer environments in which brings the multiplayer experience to a whole new level. Additionally we pioneered, designed and developed a brand new game mode for Army of Two called SSC Challenge, while was released in spring 2008.

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"All that said, multiplayer is still a ton of fun and will probably be the one thing that will extend the life of the game significantly, especially since EA plans to support the title with additional maps and modes in the future."

"However, it's really co-op play and multiplayer where the game stands out, and these two modes will most likely keep you playing for a long time. Considering that the game has been designed with this style of play in mind, it works very well, and players that want to take on the life of mercenaries will most likely enjoy its story and multiplayer battles."


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