Our Culture


Specializing in multi-player, we know how much more fun it is to play with others than it is to play single player. That’s why you’ll have no problem getting in on a roleplaying game at lunch, finding a drummer for your Rockband, or securing a team for Ultimate. We are a diverse and talented bunch of artists, snowboarders, musicians, wine and cheese connoisseurs, writers, travel lovers, photographers, athletes, bakers and chefs (comes in handy), margarita makers (also comes in very handy), Facebook junkies and of course…avid gamers! We are game for anything.

Capture The Flag!

Everyone at Threewave has the opportunity to be exceptional. We support everyone in being the most innovative and creative they can be. We will help you set goals and achieve success, while providing you the resources and technology you need to create the best multi-player gameplay. We will send you to conferences and events to educate and inspire you as well as schedule time for you to present your new IP ideas to the game committee. The opportunity is here for you to capture your own flag!

Work Smart, Live Healthy

Our employees come to work every day motivated, happy and eager to take on the day. Our shorter development cycles enable us to continuously evolve our methodologies, ensuring our teams work realistic hours while creating industry-leading games. In addition we risk manage our projects to support non-crunch work days, encourage vacation time, and acknowledge and reward work well done. In return our employees live their lives healthy and happy, they respect Threewave and give back with passion and drive in their work that feeds both our business and their own personal growth.

One of BC’s Best

We are so proud to be recognized as one of BC’s Best Employers in 2008! We feel we provide a unique experience to the game development community and our employees agree! They tell us every chance they get!

“I’m EXTREMELY proud to be part of this company…Threewave is exceptional in every way possible; the positive energy, the openness to opinion and criticism, and the agility of Threewave is something that is unheard of….Simple put, Threewave rocks and I’m glad to be here.”
– Stuart Ng, Artist.
“The combination of working in a productive and supportive environment while being situation in Vancouver’s landscape makes Threewave the best place to work”
– James Mansfield, Programmer
“I’m happy to work for a company that I can honestly say does all the right things”
– Otto Ottosson, Assistant Producer

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