Ghostbusters: The Video Game hands-on in Official XBOX Magazine

The Official XBOX Magazine had some hands-on time with Ghostbusters: The Video Game multiplayer in the June 2009 edition.

"...the heroic fun practically oozes out of Ghostbusters: The Video Game in both single-player and multiplayer modes...We like joining the iconic team as the freshly recruited Experimental Equipment Technician, but we're also happy that multiplayer lets us jump into the suits of the original four Ghostbusters. Did you like Gears of War 2's Horde mode? Good, because that's basically what you're going to get here - six four-player co-op scenarios (and mini-campaigns that tie three scenarios together) on Xbox Live. Some are simply contests to see how long you can last, but they're all competitive....Quick, fun stuff..."

"Playing through the main campaign in co-op wouldn't make much narrative sense, nor would launching proton streams at your teammates, so co-op multiplayer really is the only option....what we played was a blast. There's enough positive stuff in place to make us think that Ghostbusters, like Riddick and Lego Star Wars before it, could join the increasingly promising pantheon of Xbox 360 movie-inspired games that don't suck. And that makes us feel good too."


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